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Sunset Glow means ...the beautiful glow of light at sunset and my glow adds beauty to others lifes!

Niečo o mne

Usmejte sa. A vo vašom úsmeve nech je veľa dobroty a iba trošku, trošíčku trpkosti. Odpusťte životu a svetu, že nie sú dokonalí.

Sometimes in life wonderful things just happen, they land in your lap as if out of nowhere. Like a butterfly landing on your window to show you for a moment its colorful wings. Then it flies away to remind you that every moment must be enjoyed for itself, because the next moment may not have such beauty. Or a tiny snowflake that lands on your sleeve, for an instant it is perfect, then only seconds later it melts away...

Sometimes in life wonderful things seem so far away, even sometimes hidden. They are presented to us as an opportunity. We must make choices about whether we are going to go for them or shy away because we are not sure how much effort they will take, or how much we may lose in the process. Like a beautiful white rose, high on a rosebush, surrounded by thorns and stinging bees. Having that white rose would make me so happy. Touching it and smelling it would bring great pleasure to mine senses and warmth to my heart. I see it, and instantly I want it. I walk all around to see if there is an easy way to reach it, but I find none.